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Player Related


I cant see the player or hear the music after pressing play, what's going wrong?

We've tried our best to cover all bases and have used a player that should work on 90% of the systems out there. There are however, some that are too old or are just not compatible with all the functions that we've introduced and will not play. Our best advise is to make sure your software is completely up-to-date and if you are still having trouble please get in touch.


Below is a list of browsers that should work with our player. If you are in this list and it is still not working please get in touch so we can look into the problem further.

Browser Support



Why can you not use IE8 when I look at your website?

Unfortunately, technology is moving on and we found there were problems with the site when we tested it with IE8 and below. We decided to not support versions before this. Hopefully this should not effect a great number of people but if you are having trouble please let us know we will discuss it with you.


Can I use my mobile to play the tracks?

We have tested the player on iphone / iPad and they work ok however, other mobile devices may not work at the moment. Android devices using the Chrome browser should play all the tracks however, they are not compatible with the speed changer at this time. You might find if you install another browser you'll be able to use the speed changer. This however, has not been tested at this time. 


We have plans to release a native app for both Apple and Android but these are only in the development stage at the moment.


Account Related


What are credits?

You can exchange your credits for any track in our library. It's pay as you go, so add more credits when you need them.


Do my credits expire?

No, you can save your credits for as long as you like. All we ask is you use your account at least once a year to keep it active. If your account is disabled you will lose any remaining credits. All  you need to do is sign in to renew and we’ll keep your account going. We’ll email you to remind you before this to avoid any credits being lost.


Can I get a refund on credits?

Unused credit packs can be refunded within 30 days. However, once the pack has been started we are unable to issue a refund.


Can I re-download my purchases?

Yes, once a track is purchased with a credit it will be added to your music library. From there you can stream / download the tracks at any time.



Track Availability


Do you have every grade available?

Not yet, we are working hard in the background to get full coverage of all instruments and grades. We’ve got full coverage up to grade 5 on everything and most of 6. We’re working our way through the rest of 6, 7 & 8 but they are longer pieces and can be a little trickier so take more time to prepare. If you need specific pieces please let us know.


Can I request a track to be made?

Yes and no. Depending on the piece, most of the time this is not a problem. There can be a short wait for a track, but as soon as we can source the sheet music, we can usually produce a track in a day or two. Occasionally, we are unable to find the sheet music if it’s out of print, and in a very few cases, there is no piano part at all, just a CD accompaniment. If this is the case, it’s not possible to make the track available.