Help - FAQ

Player Related

I can’t see the player or hear the music after pressing play. What's going wrong?

We've tried our best to cover all bases, and have used a player that should work on 90% of the systems out there. There are however, some that are too old or are just not compatible with all the functions that we've introduced and will not play. Our best advise is to make sure your software is completely up-to-date and if you are still having trouble please get in touch.


Below is a list of browsers that should work with our player. If you are in this list and it is still not working please get in touch so we can look into the problem further.

Browser Support


Why can’t I use IE8 when I look at your website?

Unfortunately, technology is moving on and we found there were problems with the site when we tested it with IE8 and below. We decided to not support versions before this. Hopefully this should not effect a great number of people but if you are having trouble please let us know we will discuss it with you.


Can I use my mobile to play the tracks?

We have tested the player on iphone / iPad and they work ok however, other mobile devices may not work at the moment. Android devices using the Chrome browser should play all the tracks however, they are not compatible with the speed changer at this time. You might find if you install another browser you'll be able to use the speed changer. This however, has not been tested at this time.

We have plans to release a native app for both Apple and Android but these are only in the development stage at the moment.


Can I download a track at a different tempo?

Using the speed changer on the site does not re-record or overwrite the original file. MP3’s will always download at the speed at which they were originally recorded. The extent to which you can adjust playback tempo after you have downloaded the track will depend on the media player you are using.


Account Related


How do I purchase a track?

If you already have credits in your account, click of the shopping trolley symbol next to the track you wish to purchase.

If you do not have any credits in your account, clicking on the shopping trolley will take you to a page where you can buy some. Once you have the credits, go back to the track you require and click the shopping trolley again.


What are credits?

You can exchange your credits for any track in our library. It's pay as you go, so add more credits when you need them.


I clicked on a track, then purchased some credits. Why is the track not in my account?

If you have clicked on the tracks you need before purchasing credits, the checkout will not have stored the items you selected. If this is the case then you will need to click on the tracks again and then use the credits at checkout.


Do my credits expire?

No. You can save your credits for as long as you like. All we ask is you use your account at least once a year to keep it active. If your account is disabled you will lose any remaining credits. All you need to do is sign in to renew and we’ll keep your account going. We’ll email you to remind you before this to avoid any credits being lost.


Can I get a refund on credits?

Unused credit packs can be refunded within 30 days. However, once the pack has been started we are unable to issue a refund.


Can I re-download my purchases?

Yes. Once a track is purchased with a credit, it will be added to your music library. From there you can stream/download the tracks at any time.



Track Availability


Do you have every grade available?

We cover grades 1 to 8 for woodwind, brass and strings. Although we aim to have 100% coverage of pieces in these grades, there can be times, such as syllabus changes where not every piece is available. Grades 6 to 8 often have gaps in the syllabus as these pieces are longer, and can take more time to prepare. If you need specific pieces for these grades, please let us know.


Can I request a track to be made?

Yes and no: If the piece is from a UK exam syllabus, this should not be a problem, although very occasionally, the sheet music may be out of print. Also, in a few cases, there is no piano part, just a CD accompaniment. In either of these cases, it won’t be possible to make the track available. If the piece is not part of a UK exam syllabus, then it's unlikely that we will have further sales of that track. In this case, unless we already own a copy of the sheet music, we will not be able to produce the track.


How long will it take for a request to be completed?

If the piece is on a UK syllabus, and in a book we already own, then the track should be ready within twenty-four hours of us receiving the request. If we don’t have the sheet music, we will order it from our suppliers. Delivery of this can vary, depending on availability, so we will advise customers once the order has been placed. When the music arrives, we will inform the customer, and will also confirm once the track in available on the website.


Does my purchase include sheet music?

No. Our website only provides MP3 or midi backing tracks of piano accompaniments or instrumental demos for practise only. Sheet music is not included in the credit.


If a piece is on the website, does it mean it is on a current syllabus?

All of the pieces on the website (with a few exceptions) have been on a UK exam syllabus at some time. However, not all of them are on a current UK syllabus. Due to the way our website is designed, once a piece has been purchased, it cannot be removed from the website. This means that it will still be available once it is no longer needed for exams.


Pieces on the Trinity College syllabus are listed separately, so we have indicated on the website what is no longer current by putting the syllabus date next to those pieces.


When a piece is listed in Other Exam Boards, it may be required by one or two exam boards but not by others, so we can’t indicate that a piece is no longer current for one specific exam board.


Whichever exam board is being used, we strongly advise that you check carefully with their latest syllabus (plus the extent of their overlap and syllabus errata) to make certain that you are playing a piece that is required by that exam board.