Music Catalogue

Other Exam Boards Trombone Grade 6

Accompanied (Demo & Piano only)

B Marcello - Largo and Allegro (1st and 4th movts from Sonata No. 1) (arr. Yeo) (from Trombone Essentials)

Big Spender - C Coleman and Fields (arr. Mowat) (from SmartBone)

Bone Idyll - Mowat (from Slide Show for Trombone)

Bone Shaker - Jim Parker (from Jazzed Up Too)

Cakewalk Contest - Pryor

Chanson du Toreador - Bizet (arr. Mowat) (from Savoir Faire)

Charles Ingram - Last Call (3rd movt from Sonatina No. 1)

Chicago Blues, no. 5 - Philip Sparke (from Skilful Solos)

Fantango - Jim Parker (from Jazzed Up Too)

Gossec - Tambourin (arr. Raph) (from Repertoire Classics)

Handel - Ombra mai fu (from Serse) (arr. Mowat) (from Get a Handel on It)

Humoresque, no. 5 - Dvorák (arr. Lusher) (from Don Lusher’s Trombone Album)

I’m Getting Sentimental Over You - Washington and Bassman (arr. Ledbury) (from Big Chillers)

J S Bach - Arioso (from Piano Concerto in F minor), no. 7 (arr. G Schirmer) (from Solos for the Trombone Player)

J S Bach - Sarabande (from French Suite No. 1) (with repeats) (arr. Mowat) (from Bach for Trombone)

Little Overture, no. 1 - Philip Sparke (from Skilful Solos)

Misty - Garner (arr. Iveson) (from Paper Moon)

Moon River - H Mancini (arr. Iveson) (from Let's Face the Music)

On the Sunny Side of the Street - McHugh and Fields (arr. Iveson) (from The Sunny Side of the Street)

Pergolesi - Aria (from La serva padrona), no. 7 (arr. Goodwin and Pearson) (from Second Book of Trombone Solos)

Peter Thorne - Fast and Rhythmic (1st movt from Shades of Indigo)

Peter Thorne - Steady Blues (2nd movt from Shades of Indigo)

Rimsky-Korsakov - Andante cantabile (2nd movt from Trombone Concerto), no. 11 (arr. Smith) (from Solos for the Trombone Player)

The Acrobat - J A Greenwood (pub. Wright and Round)

The Harmonious Blacksmith - Handel (arr. Mowat) (from Get a Handel on It)

Trees on the Mountain - Carlisle Floyd (arr. McMillen) (from Across the Pond 02)

Vivaldi - Largo (from Cello Concerto in Eb) (arr. Wills) (from The Baroque Trombone)

Vocalise (Op. 34 No. 14), no. 13 - Rachmaninov (arr. Smith) (from Solos for the Trombone Player )

Unaccompanied (Demo)