Music Catalogue

Other Exam Boards Trumpet B♭ Cornet and Flugelhorn Grade 1

Accompanied (Demo & Piano only)

One Hand, One Heart - Bernstein (from Easy Winners)

A Knight’s Tale - Philip Sparke (from Shining Brass Book 1)

All Night, All Day - Trad. Spiritual (from Easy Winners)

Allegretto - Telemann (from Fantasia 4) (from Time Pieces for Trumpet Vol. 1)

Cats on Patrol - James Rae (from Trumpet Debut)

Cucumber Dance - James Rae (from Trumpet Debut)

Fanfare for the Wimbledon Common Man - James Rae (from Trumpet Debut)

Granite - Keith Ramon Cole (from Grade by Grade 1)

Hot Chilli - Pam Wedgwood (from Really Easy Jazzin' About)

Kalinka (with repeat) - Trad. Russian (from Trumpet Basics)

La Bamba - Trad. (from First Repertoire)

March arr. Calland - Handel (from First Repertoire)

Minuet (from Water Music) - Handel (from Time Pieces for Trumpet Vol. 1)

Modal Lament - Carol Barratt (from Bravo! Trumpet)

Moscow - Peter Graham (from Cityscapes)

On Parade - Graham Lyons (from The Really Easy Trumpet Book)

Paris - Peter Graham (from Cityscapes)

Pigalle - Christopher Gunning (from The Really Easy Trumpet Book)

Romanza - Tom Davoren (from Shining Brass Book 1)

Ronde No. 7 - Susato (from First Book of Trumpet Solos)

Shaker Melody - Trad. American (from Grade by Grade 1)

Strollin’ - David A. Stowell (from Shining Brass Book 1)

The Barley Break - Trad. English (from The Magic Trumpet)

The Blue Danube - J. Strauss II (from First Repertoire)

The Foggy, Foggy Dew - Trad. English (from The Trumpet Volunteer)

Waltz for E - Tom Davoren (from Shining Brass Book 1)

When the Saints - Trad. American (from The Magic Trumpet)

Your First Hit Single - Pam Wedgwood (from Trumpet Basics)

Unaccompanied (Demo)