Music Catalogue

Other Exam Boards Clarinet C Grade 2

Accompanied (Demo & Piano only)

A Succulent Snail Sings Before Supper - Colin Cowles (from Amazing Animals)

A-B-C - Weiner (arr. Denley) (from Time Pieces Vol 1)

Abiyoyo - Trad. (arr. Roderick Williams)

An Old Dance (from 30 Children’s Pieces, Op. 27) - Kabalevsky (arr. Denley) (from Time Pieces Vol 1)

Anthony Hedges - Moderato ma con moto (from Beginners Please!)

Beethoven - 6 German Dance (from 12 German Dances, WoO 13) (arr. Birtel) (from Classical Music for Children)

Bidin’ My Time - Gershwin (arr. Ledbury) (from All Jazzed Up)

Carnival Time - Lloyd Coleman

Deep River - Trad. (arr. Heim)

Definitely! no. 2 - Mike Cornick (from November Blues)

Diabelli - Landler, no. 13 (arr. Davies and Harris) (from The Really Easy Clarinet Book)

Diabelli - Scherzo (arr. Davies and Reade) (from First Book of Clarinet Solos)

Dixie, no. 2 - Jeffery Wilson (from Jazz Album)

Early One Morning - Trad. (arr. Watts) (from One More Time!)

Embraceable You, no. 8 - Gershwin (arr. Davies & Harris) (from Easy Gershwin)

English Country Garden - Trad. (arr. Hammond) (from Cool Clarinet Repertoire, Book 2)

Getting to the Front of the Queue - Paul Harris

Give my Regards to Broadway - George M Cohan (from The Joy of Clarinet)

Gloomy, no. 10 - Christopher Norton (from The Microjazz Collection 1)

Hogwarts Hymn (from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) - Patrick Doyle (arr. Lawrance)

Hommage Aux Belles Viennoises - Schubert (arr. Harris) (from Clarinet Basics Repertoire)

I Am Thinking of My Pickaninny Days - Joplin (arr. Harris) (from Music Through Time Book 1)

I Love My Love - Trad. (arr. Bullard)

J S Bach - Gavotte II (Musette) (from English Suite No. 3, BWV 808) (arr. Bullard)

Liliburlero - Purcell (arr. Harris)

Mozart - Allegro, K. 3 (arr. Blackwell)

Mozart - Konnte jeder brave Mann: from Die Zauberflote K 620 (arr. Hunt)

Mozart - Minuet (from Serenade in Bb, K. 361) (arr. Mauz) (7 from Easy Concert Pieces, Vol. 1)

Mr Scoolding’s Minuet - Anon. (arr. Sparke) (from Sounds Classical)

Night Sky, no. 13 - Roma Cafolla (from Just Me! and my Clarinet, Book 1)

Oh, Lady be Good! - G & I Gershwin (arr. Davies and Harris)

Oom-Pah-Pah (from Oliver!) - Bart (arr. Blackwell)

Puppet on a String - Phil Coulter and Bill Martin (arr. Lawrance) (from Winners Galore)

Ready to Pounce - Edmund Jolliffe (No. 7 from Flying High)

Schubert - Landler (D 366 no, 6) (arr. Denley) (from Time Pieces Vol 1)

Serenade: Beautiful Dreamer (with repeat) - S. Foster (arr. Davies and Reade) (from First Book of Clarinet Solos)

Shaker Melody - Trad. (from Grade by Grade Clarinet, Grade 2)

Shhhh! no. 1 - Mark Cropton (from Ten to Go)

Song - Hywel Davies (from Grade by Grade Clarinet, Grade 2)

Song of Liberty (from Pomp and Circumstance March No. 4) - Elgar (arr. Denley) (from Time Pieces Vol 1)

The Ash Grove - Trad. (arr. Lawrance) (from Winners Galore)

The Elephant (from The Carnival of the Animals) - Saint-Saens (arr. Lawrance) (from Winners Galore)

The Fisherman’s Bend: Hornpipe (with 1st repeat) (No. 1 from Knautical Knots - John Blood

The Flintstones Theme - Hanna, Barbera and Curtin (arr. Lawrance) (from Winners Galore)

The Harmonious Blacksmith - Handel (arr. Harris) (from Music Through Time Book 1)

The Mermaid - Trad. (arr. Watts) (from One More Time!)

The Miller of Dee - Trad. (arr. Blackwell)

The Trout - Schubert (arr. Litten)

Unter einer Wolke - Rudolf Mauz (from Klezmer Tunes for Clarinet)

Walkin’ Home (duet) - James Rae (from Easy Blue Clarinet) - Demo & lower part (accompaniment on C Clarinet)

Waltz for Libby - Andy Firth (from Play Clarinet with Andy Firth, Book 1)

Whiling Away the Time on Those Long Summer Afternoons - Paul Harris (from I Hate Crossing the Break)

Unaccompanied (Demo)